In 2008, candidate Obama made fun of the Bush Administration for not having many friends and not being able to lead the world.  The facts show that Obama is less popular than Bush was at the end of his term.  The difference is that the Bush team actually produced votes at the UN (the Bush team produced 5 resolutions on Iran, Obama has only managed to get 1) and was confronting dictators.  Maybe you are more popular if you actually lead?

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Richard Grenell

Richard A. Grenell is the longest serving U.S. spokesman in U.N. history and is currently a partner with Los Angeles-based Capitol Media Partners. He was appointed by President Bush in 2001 to be the U.S. spokesman at the U.N. where he served until 2008. In 2012, Grenell was appointed as Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Spokesman making him the first openly gay spokesman for a Republican Presidential candidate. Grenell is a Fox News Contributor, an Advisory Board Member of Newsmax Media and sits on the Langley Intelligence Group Advisory Board.

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