Damon Marx of FishbowlDC is either too young and inexperienced to realize Jim Sciutto put one over on him or is looking to help CNN’s foreign policy credibility problem.

Marx profiled Sciutto today as a “hot dad” giving him props as “a fellow history major” but strategically left out the fact that Sciutto was previously a political appointee of President Obama. In the puffy profile Q and A piece, Marx lets Sciutto talk about media credibility without ever mentioning that Sciutto covers the Obama Administration’s foreign policy for CNN after serving as a political appointee on Obama’s foreign policy team.

Marx bluntly says, “Sciutto, who joined CNN in September 2013, was previously ABC News’ senior foreign correspondent based in London.”

Except that the previous job Sciutto held prior to joining CNN in September 2013 was working for President Obama as a political appointee.

Did Marx know about but fail to mention this important fact? Or did Sciutto omit it? If Sciutto failed to mention his political appointment, why didn’t an Editor at FishbowlDC catch the omission?

Seems like an important fact to mention, especially since you are letting Sciutto talk about editorializing the news!

Here is an excerpt:

Do you think the news media is adequately covering the myriad of national security issues, or do you think there are angles important to the debate that aren’t being reported?

“I believe that there are so many outlets covering so many angles that — in some ways — the world is better covered today than ever before. Now, that doesn’t mean that the best reporting gets the most attention or eyeballs. It can be drowned out by the cacophony of information and editorializing and (frankly) bad information out there. So, it takes an informed consumer to filter out the noise. And it takes us in the media helping consumers to do just that — and to understand the context of it all.”

Sciutto goes on to tell us that his closeness to Team Obama is really good for us:

“The best way to address the distrust is through relationships — and I have good ones with officials — and simply by doing good work. As journalists and media organizations, our reputations are our best currency.”

This is a serious issue because Sciutto regularly fails to criticize his former Obama colleagues. Sciutto’s reporting is a growing credibility problem for CNN. Take a look at today’s pronouncement from Sciutto in the FishbowlDC profile piece while talking about Russia, “Sanctions, aided by the fall in the price of oil, have clearly imposed severe costs on Russia. Whether those costs have changed Putin’s calculus isn’t clear yet, though there is some evidence of new outreach by Russia to the West.”

This is the exact Obama line on Russia: sanctions have worked, Putin has learned his lesson.

Obama and Sciutto want the public to believe that their re-set policy on Russia has worked and that the lame sanctions on Russia were enough to change Putin’s behavior after grabbing Crimea from Ukraine.

Sciutto’s spin in the FishbowlDC piece on the Sony cyber security attack was also Obama’s line. Sciutto says we should be playing defense on cyber security threats because we don’t want to pick a fight with hostile countries. Sciutto says, “The only way out is to agree on a new set of international norms and forums for avoiding cyber warfare, a kind of ‘cyber Geneva Convention.’”

It’s no wonder Marx didn’t mention Sciutto’s last job…it would have undercut the Obama appointee-turned-CNN reporter’s spin on a weak foreign policy.

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