Speaking Out

PR exec Richard Grenell doesn’t shy away from intense jobs or backing gay rights as a Republican.

The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage

Led by conservative Justice and Reagan appointee, Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court ruled Friday, in a 5-4 decision, in favor of same-sex marriage. Despite the often binary depiction in the media, this decisio... Read More >

California Primary for Governor

California is a great place to live. Despite the debt, the traffic, the one-party rule, the taxes and the eagerness of politicians to overwhelm small businesses and large corporate job producers with red tape a... Read More >

Christie and Paul Deserve Our Thanks

A healthy debate is unfolding within the Republican Party on foreign policy and national security. While the national media pretends the same debate isn’t happening on the left, Republicans are openly engaging ... Read More >

Marriage, Gay Republicans, and Elections

While there are many reasons to vote against Barack Obama, gay marriage isn't one. National and economic security absolutely are. Over the last few weeks there has been a public debate about how Republicans ... Read More >