Obama Underestimates ISIS

President Obama refuses to acknowledge the power of ISIS. He has mocked them as JV and says their violence isn't religiously based. He's wrong and his unserious approach to our national security is making us le... Read More >

Hillary Is Too Weak to Be President

BARCELONA – Hillary Clinton is too weak and her conclusions after Sunday’s terror attack in Orlando too timid to be our next president. Monday, the presumptive Democratic nominee labeled the radical Islami... Read More >

Support for Anti-Israeli Sanctions Fades

Support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel is fading in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels. Politically, European policies allowing de facto sanctu... Read More >

Nigeria on the Brink

Nigeria’s Opposition Candidate Supports ‘Agitation’ in Support of Sharia Law. With the polls closed in Israel, international election observers now turn their attention to the Nigerian elections on March 28.... Read More >