Where was Samantha Power?

power unFor the past several years, President Obama has presided over a U.S. policy on Syria that has made the collective support of the international community a condition of American action. Every answer the President gives on the crisis in Syria includes working through the United Nations. So when the United Nations Security Council called an emergency meeting on Wednesday about the use of chemical weapons inside Syria, it was perplexing that the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the UN was nowhere to be found.

White House Deputy Spokesman Josh Earnest issued a statement on Syria’s use of chemical weapons that emphasized the United Nations as the only U.S. action to the crisis. The President didn’t call for State Department action or a Department of Defense option plan – he only asked for a UN response.

Earnest said, “The United States strongly condemns any and all use of chemical weapons. Those responsible for the use of chemical weapons must be held accountable. Today, we are formally requesting that the United Nations urgently investigate this new allegation. The UN investigative team, which is currently in Syria, is prepared to do so, and that is consistent with its purpose and mandate. For the UN’s efforts to be credible, they must have immediate access to witnesses and affected individuals, and have the ability to examine and collect physical evidence without any interference or manipulation from the Syrian government.”

So the U.S. policy on Syria is to work thru the United Nations. Where was Samantha Power?

Earnest even emphasized the emergency meeting in his statement: “We have also called for urgent consultations in the UN Security Council to discuss these allegations”.

But while the White House was pretending to be in urgent mode, the new U.S. Ambassador didn’t think the meeting was worth her time. Her office reportedly told Reuters that she was on a trip. But to where? What was more important?

Samantha Power has been on the job exactly 19 days. In that time, she’s already traveled from New York to Los Angeles to deliver a speech. Her absence from the UN on Wednesday sends a terrible message at a time when U.S. credibility in the region is suffering.

While the main stream media continue to describe Power as a “human rights advocate”, the description seems pro forma and disingenuous. Shouldn’t a human rights advocate have to make human rights a priority? When President Obama nominated Power for the UN job, he called her a “relentless advocate for American interests…” I don’t think a relentless advocate would miss an emergency UN meeting on a chemical weapons attack that killed roughly 1,000 people.

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  • Christa Cooper

    If you ask me, she is dodging doing anything due to the president. And I am reminded of a couple of things: 1. Muslim Brotherhood leader’s relative says he has info that would “put Obama in prison.” 2. When anti Muslim brotherhood crowds attacked their headquarters, a lot of files and documents were removed.

    So, I think both sides in Egypt are making threats about releasing damaging information, and this extends to Syria due to MB involvement with rebels and also perhaps Russia having this info as well. So the White House is paralyzed.

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  • Luke

    Ummm…. We are talking about a meeting held within hours of when it was called. Was it even logistically possible for her to get to the meeting from wherever she was? Was it necessary to hop on a plane and rush there on almost no notice when she could delegate competant staff to deliver her position? Sure, if there was an important meeting known well in advance that could not be managed by staff–she should of course be present. But your argument here is weak and says more about yours desire to disparage Samantha Powell than about Samantha Powell herself.

  • Luke

    That’s quite a theory you have there.

  • Luke

    I meant Samantha Power, not Samantha Powell, of course.

  • Christa Cooper

    What’s YOUR explanation for the dithering?

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  • Bucko

    I’m sure her “competent” staff provided plenty of U.S. official policy pablum in her stead, i.e. cover for her “in-competent” boss who only leads with his behind. Sorry. Our peace-prize President is an on-looker while these poor Syrians lost control of their bodily functions, vomited, defecated, urinated, twitched and jerked, and ultimately suffocated in a series of convulsive spasms. Yes. We need immediate UN (?!?) action on this!

  • Brutus974

    Doing things like this allows Obama to claim to be for action in Syria, while telegraphing to those in power that it’s really not a priority for the US. I just wish Obama would come and and actually say “It’s not a priority for the US.”

  • luke

    My response was to the claim that Power was failing to be a human rights advocate by missing a last minute meeting. While your response does not address that claim, I am glad to see the UN has your support. You and I appear to be in aggreement that the UN is needed to protect human rights.

  • freeinaz

    1. He’s clueless

    2. The entire administration is clueless
    3. The Obama administration is not quite done destroying America yet.

  • Christa Cooper

    True, but I still want to know who got hold of those documents from the Muslim Brotherhood HQ!!

  • Andy

    During the war in Iraq many, if not most, foreign insurgents infiltrated Iraq via Syria with the blessing of the Syrian government. They would fly into Damascus and be bussed straight to the Iraqi border. These foreign insurgents went to Iraq to wage war against US soldiers (who killed the insurgents by the bucketload… yuk yuk yuk.) Now hardcore Islamists are fighting the Syrian regime. Honestly, why am I supposed to give two dead flies about Syria? Can’t the US just give ammo to both sides?

  • victoryman

    By the way, her husband and fellow-traveler, Cass Sunstein, is on the “Panel” to “Investigate” the NSA. His anti-American, anti-Semitic wife, Samantha was AWOL from the Security Council meeting called to discuss Syria. The State Dept. Spokespimp, whose salary we pay, refused to say where Power was and, of course, the lapdog media had no follow-up questions. Besides, to quote the most famous, brilliant, hard working, most loved woman in the world, “What difference does it make?”

  • Jeffrey T

    Christa cooper! I wish they WOULD RELEASE THE INFO & burn Obama!! Show the Demorats & Libretards that their Messiah is an Incompetent, Lying sack of S3%&it!!!
    Obama is incompetent, an idiot, thats why we is NEVER IN DC!! Because he doesnt want the public to see just how Incompetent and an idiot he is!!
    Time for the Republicans to fight back or we clean out DC of its Rats n Roaches! Starting with that SHTAKOBAG OBAMA!

  • NotAnotherVacation

    I think she’s scared. The reality of actually having hands on and front row involvement is terrifying so she pulls an “Obama” and goes on vacation. These , vacation/golf tee time alibi’s are wearing thin and when the help starts to use rhe master’s excuses everybody can see through the thinly veiled facade.