journalists you don’t want to fight on twitter

This week FishbowlDC named Richard Grenell it’s top “Journo you don’t want to fight on Twitter.”

In the words of Slate‘s Dave Weigel: “In a typical week, Richard Grenell might have tweeted 100 times and started 100 arguments.” Take, for example, this epic battle with Jake Tapper. What we like, though, is that Grenell is the Mike Tyson of Twitter—when he fights, he FIGHTS. We’re always worried his opponents might just lose an ear. He tells FishbowlDC, though, he thinks debate is good for us and that even in the fray, he’s not above it. “I learn from all types so when I’m wrong (which is often), tell me. #MediaElitesHaveThinSkin.”

He isn’t a journalist. He’s desperate to be accepted by the DC elites @noltenc: shut up. MT @buzzfeedandrew Bush Library opens about a week

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) April 25, 2013

I tweet about your reporting. Don’t take it personally. makes you seem young @buzzfeedandrew Richard, it’s sad you are such a bitter person.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) April 25, 2013

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